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By: Brian Noer

Commerce Department report states that construction spending was at an all time high in September, and that consumer spending is still strong.

POINT ROBERTS, WA. ? November 3, 2005 -, (HBS) a global investment news and research portal for the homebuilder sector, reports that the month of September saw the homebuilding sector hit another milestone. According to a Commerce Department report, construction spending in September reached an all time high of $1.12 trillion as homebuilders took advantage of low interest rates. While September?s interest rates were still low, analysts predict that the Federal Reserve will be hiking rates up to combat inflation concerns as energy prices rise. Even though rates look set to rise, the homebuilding sector is well positioned as many parts of the country need to be rebuilt following recent hurricane activity.

September?s record breaking construction spending followed gains of .6% in both July and August. In recent weeks homebuilder stocks took a hit due to an uncertain outlook on consumer spending, but the Commerce Department report also stated that consumer spending was still strong, which sent sector stocks on a rally. Also on Monday, Centex Corp. announced a share repurchase plan to buy back up to 5 million shares of its common stock. At market close Centex shares traded at $64.34, down 1% from Friday. The nation?s biggest homebuilder D.R. Horton (NYSE: DHI) announced earlier in October that orders for new homes rose nearly 26% in the last quarter.

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Our current list of public companies in the sector includes: Toll Brothers, Beazer Homes USA, Inc., Ryland Group, Brookfield Homes, Centex, Inc., Home Depot, Homestore, Inc., KB Home, Lennar Corporation, Lowe?s, Monterey Homes, Orleans Homebuilders, Inc., Pulte Homes and numerous others.

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HBS does not make stock recommendations but offers a unique free information portal for investors to explore news, articles, and recent research. The site is currently compensated by featured companies International Barrier Technology Inc. (IBTGF: OTCBB; IBH: TSXV) and Cyberlux Corporation (OTCBB: CYBL).

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